GCL610 Type Geared Trolley
GCL610 Type Geared Trolley
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GCL610 Type Geared Trolley

Our GCL 610 geared trolley with fine adjustment and fittings to the beam, easily adjusted by the round nuts, and it is adjustable to fit a wide range of beam profiles.

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GCL610 Type Geared Trolley1


Single shaft design, simple structure, soldering sleeve, less deforming.
Install bend-ear type side plate to ensure running safely.
Circular arc-shaped designed side of the wheel can be used on I & H beams or other orbits widely.
Adjusted by the bushing and washer can meet different widths of the orbit.
Wheel with the deep groove ball bearing to ensure fluent running.
Driving by hand chain power.
GCL610 Type Geared Trolley 1
Item No. Model WLL A B C H l-Beam recommended Weight
    (tonnes)         (mm) (kg)
PFTGCL610-1 GCL610-1 1 271 206 222 122 75-125 15
PFTGCL610-2 GCL610-2 2 308 240 267 132.5 100-150 18
PFTGCL610-3 GCL610-3 3 342 279 319 181 100-150 35
PFTGCL610-5 GCL610-5 5 384 318 384 219 125-175 54
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