ATP Type Plain Trolley
ATP Type Plain Trolley
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ATP Type Plain Trolley

Plain trolley used to provide mobile suspension point along the length of beam, Compatible with I-beam and H-beam rails. Easy to install and can be uninstalled at any location on the beam.

Products Introduction

ATP Type Plain Trolley



Strong, safe lateral load transportation.

Uses high-quality sealed ball bearings.

Easily adjusted to fit different widths of beam

Different capacities available

For use on straight of curved track

ATP Type Plain Trolley 2

Item No. Model WLL L L1 l-Beam recommended Weight
    (tonnes)     (mm) (kg)
PFTATP01 ATP1 1 250 120 64-220 10
PFTATP02 ATP2 2 298 138 88-220 15.5
PFTATP03 ATP3 3 334 156 102-220 26
PFTATP05 ATP5 5 384 177 114-220 38
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