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4" Ratchet Tie Down With D-Ring

D-ring tie down has forged triangle rings that quickly and securely attach to nearly any type of hook. D-ring ratchets offer one-handed tensioning and an easy release buckle for efficient securing and releasing of loads. The wide-handled ratchet and rings all have a zinc coating to protect against weathering and prolong the life of the strap.

Products Introduction


  • Size(inch): 4”
  • Working Load Limit(Lbs.): 5400
  • Ratchet Handle/Hook: AL Handle/D-Ring
  • Ratchet Handle: Long Wide Handle
  • Ratchet/Hook Color: Yellow Zinc Plated
  • Webbing Material: Polyester



Use only not damaged tensioning device, tags can clearly show that ability.
Can’t use overload.
Do not use ribbon knot.
When used, please try to make the fabric away from sharp edges, from wear or cutting.


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