2-Ratchet Tie Down With Flat Snap Hook
2-Ratchet Tie Down With Flat Snap Hook
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2-Ratchet Tie Down With Flat Snap Hook

Flat snap hooks are great for tie downs because of their simple, durable, and versatile design. The snap closer on the hook secures the snap hook to whatever you attach to. This snap hook accommodates 2” webbing.

Products Introduction


  • 100% polyester material, Ratchet handles are made of steel.
  • Available in 4-12M.
  • Ratchets have a 50mm webbing width.
  • Supplied with Snap Hooks.
  • Breaking Strength is available in 2000kg and 5000kg
  • Used for securing/lashing and fastening loads.
  • Conform to EN12195-2:2001 safety performance requirements.
  • Quick release mechanism for easy use.
  • Each part of the lashing assembly is marked with manufacturers mark, size, length and ID mark.



  1. Never using a lashing as lifting sling
  2. Never twist a webbing
  3. Protect the webbing from sharp edges by such as protective sleeves
  4. Chemical active environments can affect the strength of sling
  5. Polyester is resistant to acids, but affected by concentrated bases


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