1″ Ratchet Tie Down With Hook
1″ Ratchet Tie Down With Hook
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1″ Ratchet Tie Down With Hook

The 1” Ratchet Tie Down with S-Hooks is the most common tie down industry wide. Our ratchet straps are made from a combination of strong, hard wearing webbing and tie down hardware and the soft polyester webbing conforms to the shape of the load and is flexible at any angle.
S-Hook Ratchet Tie Downs are the most common type of light application tie downs. These straps are the heaviest duty 1” tie downs on the market.

Products Introduction


Size(inch):                           1”

Breaking Strength(Kg/Lbs.): 800-1000/1760-2200

Hook:                                   S Hook

Webbing;                          Color: Yellow/Orange/Blue/Red

                                            Material: Polyester



S-Hook Specification:



CODE NO. B.S.(kg/bs) A(mm) B(mm) C(mm)
PFSH002 600KG/1320LBS 104 50 10
PFSH001 700KG/1500LBS 104 80 12
PFSH003 800KG/1750LBS 85 39 8
PFSH004 1300KG/2800LBS 57 29 6.5
PFSH005 800KG/1750LBS 94 78 17
PFSH006 850KG/1850LBS 105 30 8.5
PFSH007 750KG/1650LBS 105 23 7.2



Use only not damaged tensioning device,tags can clearly show that ability.

When used,please try to make the fabric away from sharp edges, from wear or cutting.

Avoid twist and the ground layout tensioning device.

Do not place objects on the tensioning device, so as not to cause damage.

Don’t put the tensioning device used as load lifting adjustment.

Can’t use overload.

Do not use ribbon knot.


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