YG Round Stock Grabs
YG Round Stock Grabs
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YG Round Stock Grabs

The Round Stock Grabs are ideal for handling round materials such steel and concrete pipes. Designed to pick up tubes, pipes and rolls or similar round stock material with a diameter of up to 320 mm. They are extremely easy and simple to use and make for safe lifting.

Products Introduction
Working Load Limited (WLL): 0.5-5T
Used for horizontal lifting of steel tubes, round steel and concrete pipes or something like that.
Designed to lifting loads with maximum diameter 320mm.
The clamp is in compact shape, lightweight and easy to use.
With automatic lock device.



YT Rail Clamp


YT Rail Clamp 1


Item No. Model WLL Jaw Opening Weight
    (tonnes) (mm) (kg)
PFLCYG0.5 YG0.5 0.5 50-100 3.2
PFLCYG1 YG1 1 50-100 4.1
PFLCYG2 YG2 2 80-130 16
PFLCYG3 YG3 3 120-220 32
PFLCYG5 YG5 5 200-320 104
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