YBO Type Orange Snatch Block With Single Wheel
YBO Type Orange Snatch Block With Single Wheel
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YBO Type Orange Snatch Block With Single Wheel

Our YBO TYPE ORANGE SNATCH BLOCK WITH SINGEL WHEEL design makes them easy to open, yet they reliably stay closed under load. Also called snatch blocks, they are hot dipped galvanized for superior corrosion protection and have grease fittings for easy maintenance. 
 This is a ball bearing block, the best block available for boat lifts. They are usually hot dipped galvanized blocks with ball bearings and grease fittings. Blocks are one of the most important parts to a boat lift. Bad blocks will cause friction and will add weight to the hoist.

Products Introduction

Product Features:

Popular swivel eye design.

Works well for load positioning and keeping twist out of line.

Toggle pin is secure yet easily removed for line insertion.

Steel roller bearings with pressure grease fitting.

(IN) (TON) (MM)
3 0.5 6
4 1 9
5 1.5 12
6 2 14
8 4 16
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