Stainless Steel Toggle & Toggle Turnbuckle
Stainless Steel Toggle & Toggle Turnbuckle

Stainless Steel Toggle & Toggle Turnbuckle

These have flexible pivoted Rigging Fork Jaws with removable Clevis Pins Toggle & Toggle Turnbuckles are used throughout the rigging industry for connecting wire rope to wire rope or from wire rope to an anchor point.  The 316 marine grade stainless steel is suitable for exterior high chloride environments, so these toggle turnbuckles are heavy duty and reliable.

Lighter weight than the precision cast or drop forged turnbuckle, they also have a higher break strength.  These formed and polished stainless toggle turnbuckles are fitted with UNC threads so they are interchangeable with other turnbuckle fittings and turnbuckle bodies. 

Products Introduction
Product Features:
• UNC Threads.
• Marine Standard.
• Corrosion Resistant.
• Type 316 Stainless Steel.
• Also Known as Barrel Strainers, Tensioners, Turnbuckles, Bottle Screws or Adjusters.
Stainless Steel Toggle & Toggle Turnbuckle
mm  mm  mm  mm  mm  KGS    
PF0004-A0006  M6  6 160 230 7 15 0.1
PF0004-A0008  M8  8 190 265 10 20 0.191
PF0004-A0010  M10  9 230 320 12 25 0.399
PF0004-A0012  M12  12 280 390 13 30 0.63
PF0004-A0016  M16  16 370 510 17 40 1.45
PF0004-A0020  M20  19 430 570 20 45  
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