Regular Wood Block Triple With Swivel Hook
Regular Wood Block Triple With Swivel Hook
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Regular Wood Block Triple With Swivel Hook

Wooden blocks are generally used for various lifting and towing applications. Our wooden pulley blocks can also be used for re-directing rope too. We have a wide range of wooden blocks either with a swivel eye or a swivel hook. our customer’s safety is highly important to us, please ensure that the safe working load is not exceeded.

Products Introduction

Product Features:

  • Hardwood shells.
  • Drop forged fittings.
  • Galvanized metal swivel hook.
  • Working loads are resultant working loads.
  • Do not exceed the working load limit.
(IN) (LBS) (IN)
3 1200  3/8
4 1800  1/2
5 2400  5/8
6 3200  3/4
8 4800 1
10 8000 1 1/8
12 10000 1 1/4
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