QS Double Steel Plate Clamp
QS Double Steel Plate Clamp
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QS Double Steel Plate Clamp

The QS Double Steel Plate Clamps are used for clamp the horizontal lifting of “H”, “I”, “T”, “L” shaped structured steel and plate steel.
The WLL means the maximum load that the clamps are authorized to support when used in pairs with lift angle of 60°. In lifting operations, the clamps should be used in pairs or multiples.

Products Introduction


  • Working Load Limited (WLL): 1 – 7T
  • The clamp is made of high quality carbon steel.
  • No collision when the clamp is loaded.
  • Designed as roller at the top to avoid any damage of wire rope.
  • The sharp hook point is effective when inserting into small interval.



QS Double Steel Plate Clamp

QS Double Steel Plate Clamp 1

Item No. Model WLL Jaw Opening Weight
    (tonnes) (mm) (kg)
PFLCQS1 QS1 1 0-40 2
PFLCQS2 QS2 2 0-50 3.5
PFLCQS3.2 QS3.2 3.2 0-60 6
PFLCQS5 QS5 5 0-70 14.5
PFLCQS7 QS7 7 0-90 22
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