Lashing Lever Load Binder
Lashing Lever Load Binder
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Lashing Lever Load Binder

Tension Lashing Lever is used for the binding of containers, vehicles and other goods in the process of shipping. It is made from drop forged steel with galvanizing and powder coating on the surface. And we can provide it with sufficient supply, fast delivery time and complete specification.

Products Introduction
Product Features:
• Material: Drop Forged Steel.
• Handle: Drop forged, casting.
• Heat Treated, Quenched and Tempered.
• Finishing: Powder Coated or Galvanized.
• Special specification and marks can be made according to customer's requirements.
The tensioners are available in following sizes to match the long link lashing chains for roro lashing and general cargo lashing:
9mm Tension Lashing Lever, Load binder with chain & hook;
11mm Tension Lashing Lever, Load binder with chain & hook;
13mm Tension Lashing Lever, Load binder with chain & hook.


Chain Size D L L1 MBL WEIGHT
mm mm mm mm KN kg
9 11 575 275 100 3.4
11 12 585 345 150 4.5
13 14 595 385 200 5.6

Chain Binders are essential equipment in the flatbed industry. Also called a load binder, or chain load binder.

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