HDG Folding Anchor Type B
HDG Folding Anchor Type B

HDG Folding Anchor Type B

A folded anchor is releasable supported on a munition by shear pins through its shank. The anchor's spring loaded stock and arms are extended into their operative mode upon impact of the munition on the target area (water). The anchor is maintained in the folded condition by the locking action of fluke locks mounted on the stock. Spring action of a stock spring against a slider forces the stock to its fully opened position. The slider and link locks the stock into an open position so that it cannot collapse during the anchoring action.

Products Introduction
Weight H L D a Anchor Shackle

1. Anchor Shackle                  



4. Anchor Aliform 

0.7kg 158 70 36 65±5° M5
1.4kg 285 134.5 42 65±5° M6
2.3kg 307 181 43 65±5° M8
3.5kg 380 206 48 65±5° M8
5.5kg 443 233 56 65±5° M10
7.5kg 513 250 70 65±5° M10
10kg 619 290 75 75±5° M12
12kg 663 310 76 75±5° M12
15kg 630 340 80 65±5° M12


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