3″ Ratchet Tie Down With Chain Extensions
3″ Ratchet Tie Down With Chain Extensions
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3″ Ratchet Tie Down With Chain Extensions

Tie down straps give you the ability to control and confidently secure your load.

Strapping is equipped with a ratchet and chain anchors with grab hooks for quick, easy, and safe attaching and detaching. Ratchet has a protective zinc coating.

Products Introduction


  • Size(inch):3”
  • Working Load Limit(Lbs.):5400
  • Ratchet Handle/Hook: AL Handle/Chain Extensions
  • Ratchet/Hook Color: Yellow Zinc Plated
  • Webbing Material: Polyester
  • Webbing Width: 75mm


The main advantages of ratchet lasing are:

  1. Load restraint using a tensioning device(ratchet)
  2. Effective and safe control of loads whilst transportation
  3. Extremely quick efficient tie down and release of load thus saving time
  4. No damage to the load being tied down


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