National Hardware Show 2019, an event not to be missed

October 16, 2019

Come to The National Hardware Show where you can find all sorts of supplies and tools in the hardware department. Not only that, you are able to find constant conferences held by the youngest entrepreneurs and inventors of the industry. It is a huge benefit for the large companies and visitors to listen to their innovative ideas and products. Being the source of bringing together more than 30,000 trade professionals, it is an event not to be missed.

Qingdao Powerful Machinery Co., Ltd.

National Hardware Show is beneficial for entrepreneurs, retailers, suppliers, manufacturers and all other attendees involved in the interaction at the event. Various segments are displayed at different booths at the event. An added plus to this show is that you are able to find over 600 companies you haven't seen before as it is the largest new product event of the industry.

600 exhibitors all line up their booths in the most organized way possible. They have plenty of space to showcase, to set up meetings, to have hands-on activities and be able to expand their own brand into a wider international level. This event attracts manufacturers, representatives and the highest business-makers in the industry allowing the very best deals to be made.